Fine Handmade Violins and Repairs


"I am very happy to own two Demirdjian violas, one of 408 mm and another of 420 mm. Both are fine, responsive instruments which I have used in Orchestral work and in Chamber Music. Because Stepan's craftsmanship is of the highest order, they are also beautiful to look at. Stepan is a delight to work with, even by email at long distance, and he does his best to fulfill all his clients' wishes."

R.C. MacDonald,
Concertmaster, Fredericton Chamber Orchestra
Violist, Symphony New Brunswick, Canada Instructor, University of New Brunswick Conservatory of Music


"I am very pleased with the viola that you made for me. I play with the Nashua Chamber Orchestra, in Nashua, New Hampshire. There are currently four other violists, who all love the tone quality and lovely sounds that my viola makes. It meets my physical requirements (small hands, short arms, light weight) and has alleviated most of my problems in getting correct intonations. The wait was not excessive for a hand-made instrument, and it arrived in excellent condition, needing only to have the sound-post put in. The luthier who did this for me also admired the quality of the instrument, not only the sound, but the woodworking as well. It is a beautiful instrument!

I am pleased to recommend you to anyone who wants a superior instrument at a very reasonable price."

Abigail Beutler
Violist - Nashua Chamber Orchestra
Nashua, New Hampshire, USA


"Stepan --your 2002 Del Gesu copy easily matches if not outright best violins.In the 6 years that I have been playing it it has opened a new violin it sounds "new" to the player and to anybody 5-10 feet but from 20feet or more takes on another character- I am always amazed by this as I walk because -BIG--WIDE and DARK and very smooth."

Tommy Kuo
Violinist 1 Redwood Symphony Orchestra
Redwood City, California


"I am very pleased with the violin that Stepan Demirdjian made and I've have had only compliments from other players who have tried the instrument. Many people are surprised that I purchased a violin from so far away. But, I was willing to take the risk and had heard good things about Bulgarian makers and in particular, Stepan Demirdjian.I would not hesitate to buy another instrument from Stepan. He is a skilled luthier and a reputable businessman. I am a country fiddler and also play a bit of bluegrass and western swing. The instrument that Stepan made fits my needs well. Tone is clear, bright and the fiddle is very powerful. The fiddle will always punch through when playing in a group, even in an outdoor jam session. You can always make yourself heard. But, with a lighter touch, the tone is quite sweet and soulful."

Joe Shimek
Grass Valley, California


"Over the years I have commissioned three instuments from Stepan, two violins and a viola. I have been very pleased with each of them. They sound wonderful and the workmanship is excellent. In addition, Stepan is great to deal with despite the many miles between Plovdiv and the USA. I do not hesitate to give him my high recommendation. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions."

Jim Del Duca
Bozeman, Montana


"When it was time to upgrade my chinese instrument I did quite a bit of research. I wanted a benchmade instrument but many I played did not sound that great or were simply too expensive. In my looking, Bulgarian violins had quite a good reputation and Stepan's name came up as one of the best luthiers in Blugaria. After reading the many positive comments about his instruments and the great purchase experience those owners had, I felt at ease having Stepan make my instrument. This was the best decision I've ever made.

The violin is simply stunning to look at and to play. The finish is superb and although not six months old yet, it sounds very mature and continues to get better and better. The instrument is powerful, yet velvety smooth. I could not have purchased a violin this good locally for even 2 or 3 times what I paid. And the fact that it was made just for me, by a master craftsman, makes it even more special. Thank you Stepan for such an amazing violin!"

Chris Wood
Miami, Florida